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Our Cause

We focus on strengthening the alliances and capacities of community organizations, such as churches, patronages, savings groups, water boards, among others. Our purpose is to strengthen the capacities of their leaders in the management, implementation and sustainability of development processes that prioritize the welfare and protection of children.

Our fundamental goal is to provide community members with the tools and knowledge necessary to promote a mentality and actions aimed at eradicating violence. In this way, we seek to break the cycles that perpetuate this problem and improve the quality of life of children in Honduras.

We aim to significantly increase the number of communities that work in an organized way and in alliances, improving their social cohesion, involving vulnerable families and teachers, creating economic opportunities, values and a vision of the future that will enable them to promote conflict resolution and a culture of peace.

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Nuestra Objetivo

Mejorar la calidad educativa de 350,757 niños, niñas y adolescentes en sus prácticas en el cuidado del planeta reforzando las habilidades y competencias de los profesores. Gracias al apoyo financiero de Gildan Honduras operamos en el departamento de Cortés.

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