Economic development

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Why Economic Development?

More than 59 percent of the population lives in poverty and more than 32 percent in extreme poverty in our country, which is one of the main reasons why we promote transformation through training processes that seek to improve the economic system in the short, medium and long term of the families we work with. The emphasis of our work is with producer families (men and women), adolescents and young people who, through the training processes that are developed, continue studying, undertake income- generating initiatives and/or are employed in the labor market.

The inclusion of people with disabilities and women heads of household who are responsible for providing housing, health, education and clothing for the children in the households.

Our goal for 2030 is to reach more than 500 thousand people through our entrepreneurship, employability and agricultural development projects.
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Get to know the projects


Youth Ready: Employability Projects

We are focused on strengthening the competencies of young people to successfully achieve their life projects, using the Youth Ready methodology.


Working to give


With the Make Working to give project we support the entrepreneurial development of our young people.


Occupational health of workers

Prep4Change is a project in which we work on urgent health risks



Project focused on vulnerable farmers, promoting resilience at the level of production systems and value chains.