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Why Migration?

We advocate for the respect and best interests of children in mobility. To this end, we work with different state institutions, academia, churches, volunteers and civil society organizations to promote dignified treatment for children in transit, returning children, children at risk of migration and children internally displaced by violence or at risk of displacement.

We are part of the Inter-institutional Commission for the Protection of Displaced Persons, the Regional Integral Framework Committee for Protection and Solutions (MIRPS) and other national and regional spaces that promote environments that guarantee the protection of children and adolescents in situations of human mobility.

We aim at the right NOT to migrate, that is, the right of each child and his or her family to remain and grow in their communities in dignified conditions; that is why all our efforts are aimed at the sustainable development of communities to foster community roots, so that the option to migrate is voluntary, safe, orderly and not forced.

276, 921 people in mobility or at risk reached by the actions carried out.
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Get to know the projects


Strengthening the solidarity and welfare of people in mobility

The project aims to identify victims of forced displacement, specifically children and their families in need of international protection.


Promoting reintegration and rootedness among returned migrant children

Project focused on facilitating the economic and social reintegration of returned migrants.


Generation of economic opportunities for migrants and vulnerable populations

We contribute to increasing economic opportunities for returnees and vulnerable local populations prone to migrate in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.