Human trafficking in Honduras is a problem that cannot be ignored. It is a human rights violation that must be...

confronted with determination and courage. But how can we confront this situation that lurks in the shadows of our society? Find out below.

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How to prevent human trafficking?

Preventing human trafficking in Honduras involves a multifaceted approach. First, we must begin with education and awareness. It is essential to recognize the methods traffickers use to deceive and manipulate their victims. It is also important to raise awareness of the warning signs and patterns of behavior that can save lives and prevent the spread of this crime.

Working together with law enforcement and the community at large is also essential to prevent kidnapping and human trafficking. Citizens must feel safe to report any suspicious activity to the authorities, and the authorities must be prepared to act quickly and efficiently in response to any report.

It is also essential to work on the creation of stronger and more effective laws that criminalize and prevent human trafficking and kidnapping. In addition, it is crucial to offer support and assistance to victims, who often find themselves in situations of extreme vulnerability.

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What is happening with human trafficking in Honduras?

Sua Martínez, executive director of the Inter-institutional Commission against Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking in Persons (Cicesct) confirmed that during the first 5 months of 2023, 16 victims of human trafficking have been rescued, of which 38% were children and adolescents between 10 and 15 years of age.

In addition, 32% of the victims are women, 10% are men and 5% are members of the LGBTIQ+ community. These figures allow Martinez to affirm that this issue "becomes a gender issue because more boys, girls and women rescued from these crimes converge".

In previous years, according to official Cicesct figures, Honduran authorities have managed to rescue up to a hundred people who are victims of trafficking. This was the case in 2021, when 101 victims of human trafficking were rescued, of which 81 were in national territory and 20 abroad.

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How to report human trafficking?

The Public Prosecutor's Office of Honduras has telephone lines that you can use to report a case of trafficking. This can be done by calling the emergency line 911 or 2237-6830. You can also go to the Integrated Centers and Regional or Local Prosecutor's Offices in the country.

Confronting and preventing human trafficking in Honduras is a task that concerns us all. With knowledge, action and determination, we can unite to protect the most vulnerable and put an end to this despicable trade in human lives.


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