Honduras is currently facing a growing crisis that cannot be denied: the refugee situation. This problem, which is marked by...

different political, economic and social factors, has left thousands of people in vulnerable conditions. In this context, organizations such as World Vision Honduras have played a crucial role. 
According to UNHCR, the number of Honduran refugees has increased significantly in recent years. This crisis is especially serious for children and adolescents, who are often forced to flee alone and face dangers and many adversities. In addition, they face different situations in which their rights are violated, preventing them from having a healthy and peaceful childhood.  

There are several reasons for forced displacement in Honduras, and thus the increase in the number of refugees, including: generalized violence, poverty and external climatic conditions. In response to this crisis, World Vision Honduras works to provide humanitarian assistance and ensure respect for the rights of refugees. 
Through different programs, World Vision Honduras provides food, medical care, education and psychosocial support to the most vulnerable communities. It also works to raise awareness and promote the rights of these people. 

How can you help? 

Today, you have the opportunity to join this cause. Your participation can help thousands of families looking for a better quality of life in other lands. Are you ready to make a difference? Click on the image and join us, together we will build a better future for refugees in Honduras. 

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